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Microsoft’s Bill Gates retires today

Today is the day that Bill Gates will officially retire from Microsoft, the company that he co-founded and grew into the largest software company in the world. Retirement, in the context of Gates, involves reducing his time commitment at Microsoft to just one work day per week.

As reports abound all over the Internet, I sieve through them and highlight some of the more interesting ones here.

  • End of an era as Bill Gates leave Microsoft: News.com.au notes that Gates will be leaving at a time when the software giant is facing a shifting competitive landscape that favors software delivered through a web browser, and is also in danger of slipping farther behind Google in online advertising.
  • A conversation with Bill Gates: BusinessWeek interviews Bill Gates on what would the proposed one-day-a-week schedule entail. Short answer: Nobody knows yet. Bill Gates also revealed that none of the product groups have worked directly with him for at least eight years since Steve Ballmer became the CEO.
  • How Bill met Melinda: The Independent chronicles how Bill Gates met and fell in love with Melissa who was a Microsoft staffer. The article also touches on how a statement by Melinda’s dying mother was the genesis for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — the world’s wealthiest.
  • The long farewell: The Guardian reminisces a little on Microsoft’s anti-trust case, as well as the new team in place over at Redmond.
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